My Mediation Style

There is much discussion in the mediation field about the variation in mediation styles. You will hear the terms facilitative, elicitive, transformative, directive, and evaluative. The boundaries amongst these approaches are not fixed or clear and often a mediator will use a mix of these styles, depending on the situation and the needs and desires of the parties.

Generally, I would first describe my approach as facilitative. My goal is to help you find your way through the thicket of the conflict to the open meadow of resolution by facilitating effective and constructive communication. I sometimes use the term activist mediator because I engage actively with the parties in their problem-solving. My practice can include approaches that would be described as transformative. In this regard, I follow your preferences. There is a continuum from basic conflict settlement to relationship transformation. Sometimes you will just want to settle the matter. Sometimes you will want to transform your relationship and use mediation to accomplish profound personal and relationship change. I consider it my job to support you in what you want to achieve. My approach will vary according to your goals.